Crowdfunding a Coworking Space

Delray Tech Space has chosen the path of crowdfunding a coworking space in Delray Beach, Florida.

Indiegogo is the platform of choice for this project and we are starting with our first goal at $500.  This goal is the equivalent of 10 new members joining our coworking space.

Delray Tech Space is crowdfunding a coworking space in Delray Beach, Florida.

Welcome to our coworking space! We opened our doors here in Delray Beach one month ago with the mission of building community, educating, and contributing to our technology ecosystem…and now we need your help to make our dreams reality! This community means a lot to us, and we want to make it grow and prosper. Now we need YOUR help to get the word out and fund this campaign to crowdfund a coworking space.

Join us, and build an awesome community of like-minded peers. And not only join, but bring friends! With your help we can collaborate not only in this space, but on the future of our local ecosystem.

You can start now by choosing the monthly membership perk (only $50!). You can then choose whether to lock in the rate of $50 per month and become a full-time member, or to only join for 30 days. You can always upgrade at a later time, but the code will lock you in at the launch rate of $50 per month.

What is our goal and do we need to make this campaign a success?
$500 is our launch goal! We would love to reach that goal immediately following our launch…..then build our momentum to reach other milestones over the following 60 days. By the end of week one we would like to reach the goal of 30 monthly members. To reach this milestone we need your participation.

We have a small budget to launch Delray Tech Space and our fixed monthly expenses are nearing $3000 per month.  Rent, insurance, utilities, internet, phone, hosting, meetup fees, accounting, mailing lists…..they all add up fast. The funds we raise will be going towards daily operations, and what we have left over goes to building out the space with more amenities. Some of you may have seen we now have been working day and night to make the space more comfortable. Let’s keep the momentum going! The progress in only the first month has been fantastic–now let’s escalate that in the next 60 days! You want the community here–now is your chance to make it happen.

What will you get out of the coworking and event space community?
Jobs and job placement is something that is always on our mind here at Delray Tech Space. We see individuals that are searching for the right place to call home and who struggle with the search. Having technology classes, training, and meetups on a variety of topics help to educate, but also help the members in networking and meeting the peers that can help place them in the right jobs.

But job placement is just one aspect of building our community. Collaboration on projects is another key benefit of joining our community. We’ve already seen companies come together in our first 30 days of being open in Delray Beach, and we can’t wait to see what the near future brings to our members and their ideas.

Risks and Challenges of Crowdfunding a Coworking Space
Let’s face it: This is a risky enterprise that many would not take. I truly believe in this community and I am willing to do whatever I can to make it happen. Bringing together a team is what we need, and without you and all of our wonderful members it will be a struggle. You don’t want it to be a struggle any more than I do. So help where you can.

It takes a lot to grow this industry. Do we have it all in place? No way, not even close! But we do have the spirit to make it happen, and you can step in now and help us take it from dream to reality. I am not about to let it fail. Delray Tech Space has way to much to offer the community.

Other Ways You Can Help Crowdfund a Coworking Space
Some times we just can’t contribute. We have all struggled at times, and we know that not everything we need must be monetized. That doesn’t mean you can’t help in other ways.

Please tell everyone you can that we are here, we are open, and we are driving the local industry! Our classes, training, and meetups are something that we value highly. The quality is important. If you teach, or know of someone that can teach, send them our way.

Take Action Now!!!
Join us immediately! Make your dollar mean something. Voting with dollars will keep us here. Join as a Monthly Member!

What choices do I have, you ask?
I can’t emphasize enough the need for you to become a monthly member. It is the driving force behind this space. Members are the life blood of our existence.

Let’s start with the Day Pass. Drop in on a weekday from the hours of 9am and 6pm and cowork in a collaborative environment.

The Weekly Membership is good for someone that is just testing the water. You want to come more than one day this week, but don’t have the commitment of a full month. We can work with you on that. Join as a weekly member.

Our Monthly Membership is just that! It is a membership for you to come and cowork with us from 9am till 6pm, Monday though Friday. You have the choice of whether you would like to pursue the one-time 30 days, or to lock in the $50 per month rate.

Want to show your faith in us? Choose the Three Month Membership! Go for it, join us today and not pay for the next 90 days. You will have the choice of locking in the rate at only $50 per month in the future–since we already know you will be a life time member by then. 😉

For this campaign only, we are offering a limited run on One Year Memberships. We will only offer six, and once these are gone, they are gone! They are priced at $500 (a $100 savings vs. monthly membership). Just one of these will allow us to meet our initial goal, and six will pay the bills for the month. What you get is a year’s membership paid up in advance…..and we will quite possibly think up some unusual way of thanking you in the future as well. 🙂

Do you have a mailing address for your startup? Well now you can add on a Mailbox to your membership for only another $30 per month. This will be a subscription perk, so please note that it is not just a one-time fee. As our campaign begins we have 70 available mailboxes; we would love to be forced to make more!

Grilling Lesson by Mark for a party of ten. We’ll spend $500 on decorations, food and refreshments for your party here at Delray Tech Space.

VIP Status! At this level, you will be considered a “Founding Sponsor” and get exposure on our website home page for a full year. Plus we will hang your 3ft x 10ft banner above our presentation area for all to see for one year. This is the most coveted area to be seen during all events. This position will be seen in the background of many event photos. Mark will also personally introduce you to our attendees at our events as a “Founding Sponsor”.


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